Fun Facts about Bubble Tea

Fun Facts about Bubble Tea

A drink that is fun to eat! Bubble tea, the name given to the popular tea drink that is widely appreciated in the countries of Southeast Asia and in Asian suburbs in the West, has been taking people away from the trendy coffee drinks. It is a tea drink whose composition is not easily fathomed by the traditional tea drinkers. Bubble tea is typically made of brewed tea, sugar, milk, and the black tapioca balls. There are as many variations of the drink as the number of shops selling them. It seems that every tea shop has its own formula of making this exquisite drink.

You can enhance your enjoyment of this fun drink by knowing some facts about the bubble tea:

Origin – Bubble tea is traced to Taiwan, a nation of tea-drinking people. The common belief is that Lin Hsiu Hui, the product manager of a local tea house Shui Tang, playfully poured her tapioca pudding on the iced tea she was drinking during a staff meeting. The playful antic resulted in the now world-famous bubble tea that can be drunk and eaten at the same time.

The “Bubble” – The term bubble tea is both a euphemism and an unfortunate translation resulting in many people thinking that “bubble” refers to the tapioca balls. In reality, the “bubble” refers to the foam that forms at the top of the tea after it is shaken to enhance the flavor. The rule of thumb is for the drink to be shaken, not stirred, hence the formation of the “bubbles”.

The Tapioca Balls – The black balls that people chew on while drinking the concoction are made of cassava and sweet potato roots. The tapioca balls are typically white or translucent. They become dark with the addition of brown sugar in the cooking process. Other colors, such as green, orange, or red may also be used depending on the ingredients to be added to the tapioca.

Cooking the Tapioca Balls – The tapioca balls must have gummy bears consistency. When undercooked, they will be starchy. They will feel like gelatin when overcooked. For best results, tapioca balls must be cooked for fifteen to thirty minutes over medium heat, depending on what type of consistency you want. Smaller tapioca pearls will cook for a shorter period of time compared with larger tapioca peals. Cooked tapioca balls or pearls must be stored in the refrigerator soaked in water or syrup to prevent the pearls from sticking together.

Oversized Straws – The tapioca balls are about a centimeter in diameter, chewy on the inside but slippery on the outside. The balls are added to the drink to add texture, something to chew on while drinking the milk tea. There is a need for special, oversized straws to drink, and eat, the bubble tea. The straws are typically in bright, bold colors to add fun to bubble tea drinking.

All in one Snack – Consuming the beverage involved both drinking and chewing. After finishing a glass of bubble tea, the person feels full, making it as a complete snack.













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